Disney Incredibles 2 Grey Elastigirl and Dash

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This snowman dog toy could use a pup to help cheer him up! When children put a magic hat on their snowman, Gus the Fussy Snowman was born - and he's been cranky ever since! Magically animated, now Gus has to suffer existential distress like the rest of us. Sentience is hard!

Gus the Fussy Snowman has 2 squeakers in his body, plus a Crazy Crinkle hat, patterned scarf, and fleece lined mittens. Play a game of tug-o-war with Gus's pull-through t-shirt rope arms, so that he can feel something - anything - in his cold life. Can your dog melt Gus's heart?

This BARK Original toy is a part of the Season's Treating Collection, because 'tis better to give than retrieve! Made by dog people, for dogs and their people, backed by BARK's Happiness Guarantee.