Fabrikations Inside Out - Anger

Vendor: Funko


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Direct from the smash-hit Pixar film Inside Out comes this delightfully charming Fabrikations Inside Out Anger plush toy . . . so cute it might just melt your heart right on the spot. All done up in a snappy pair of slacks and matching tie, this adorable little 6-inch fella - who frankly needs to work on his anger issues a bit - doubles as the perfect cuddle-buddy par-excellence. And hey, not only does he stand up all on his own - major bonus, especially for display purposes - but his head turns a full 360 degrees. So watch your P's and Q's cuz good 'ol Anger's got his eyes on you at all times. But don't let his tough exterior fool you . . . deep down he's just a big softy who needs a hug. Three cheers for cool plush toys; they're awesome and loads of fun to collect! Ages 14 and up.