Goobi Magnetic Construction Set - 40 Piece

Vendor: Goobi


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Goobi® Magnetic Construction Sets are fun and educational! Goobi® fits into the S.T.E.M. Learning Curriculum which can turn geometry and engineering into child’s play.
Simplicity and creativity are the cornerstones of all Goobi® sets. Teachers often use Goobi® in a classroom setting to challenge children to follow step-by-step instructions and employ their problem solving skills in an entertaining way.
Goobi® Sets contain child-safe bars with strong neodymium rear-earth magnets embedded at the ends, nickel coated iron balls (NOT magnets), ninety degree connector pieces, which aid in building cubical structures, and 32 page colorful booklets with step-by-step instructions and information.
The educational value and superior quality that Goobi® offers makes it a preferred gift or purchase. comes in a solid foam box and contains 40 pieces: 21 bars, 12 iron balls and 7 tripods.