Ionix Tenkai Knights - 2-in-1 Blastank / War Stallion 11002

Vendor: Tenkai Knights


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IONIX: the revolutionary line of never before seen construction bricks that change their shape before your eyes! These construction bricks shapeshift and change to become mini figures, action figures, weapons, gear, gadgets and more. You can build both the BlasTank and War Stallion in this set! Loaded with multiple shapeshifting brick types, unleash your Tenkai energy with the never before seen Titan brick that shapeshifts between beast and vehicle mode. Also included are 2 shapeshifting, projectile launching, action bricks in addition to Dromus and Leinad 2 exclusive, shapeshifting Tenkai Knight mini figures.

Shapeshift and build the BlasTank the land based war vehicle of the Corekai forces. The BlasTank is forged solid as a brick and can tackle even the roughest terrain on Quarton. Equipped with a powerful weapons system, it swiftly eliminates the Corrupted Robobeasts with ease. Fire missiles from the shapeshifting action bricks and watch Vilius’ army retreat into the darkness. Lead the charge with Leinad with the powerful Blastank and prepare to lead the Corekai to victory!

War Stallion
The Corrupted are very powerful on Quarton and can make the Corekai’s BlasTank shapeshift…using it for their evil purposes. Once overtaken in battle, the dark Tenkai energy will corrupt the BlasTank into the War Stallion a wicked beast ready to unleash Vilius’ evil power! Rebuild the BlasTank by quickly shapeshifting the Titan Brick into the core of the War Stallion. Build and armor up this mechanical beast with Tenkai energy infused armor plating. Attach 2 powerful missile launching action bricks on its back and prepare for a showdown with the Tenkai Knights. With Dromus at its reins, the Corekai must call on all their Tenkai power to defeat this deadly mech-beast! Only you can master your Tenkai energy to defeat Vilius and his corrupted War Stallion!