Karina Garcia 4pk Collectible Slime- Glitter Slime by Craft City

Vendor: Craft City


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Each Glitter Slime has a yummy candy scent! Are they more fun to look at or smell?…that's for you to decide! Shine bright with one of our four beautiful Glitter Slimes in blue, gold, rainbow, and pink!

Blue Glitter: This extra gooey, clear-based 3oz Blue Glitter Slime is loaded with enchanting sparkles and a delicious blueberry scent!

Gold Glitter: This extra stretchy, clear-based 3oz Gold Glitter slime is not only beautiful to look at - but it also has a mouth-watering butterscotch scent!

Rainbow Glitter: This magical, clear-based 3oz Rainbow Glitter slime is extra gooey and sparkles with every color of the rainbow. And it's got a scrumptious mixed berry scent with notes of raspberry and plum!

Pink Glitter: You can never go wrong with a little pink! This clear-based 3oz Pink Glitter Slime smells like sweet watermelon and wow, does it shine!