Li'l Woodzeez Family - Panda

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Fly high in the sky with the Skyhopper Panda Family! These cute pandas are a family of 4 mini animal figurines. There is Roger, Flora and their children Liv and Skip. Like real pandas, they have a soft black and white fur! They are the perfect size for little hands and their heads, arms and legs rotate! The Skyhopper Panda Bear Family comes from Honeysuckle Hollow, where all the woodland animals have a special job. The Panda Family owns the village's Sunny Skies Airport. They love airplanes and know everything about them! Check out their storybook "Sunny Skies Airport" and follow the Pandas' adventures in the sky! They love to share what they know and want to teach everything to the kids from the village in their brand new Junior Pilots Club! Pack your bags for a great adventure departing directly from Sunny Skies Airport on Honeysuckle Airway! The toy airplane is perfect for your Li'l Woodzeez friends! It comes with 30+ pieces, including blankets, pillows and even has reclining seats for a relaxing flight! Playsets are sold separately and are available at Target. The Li'l Woodzeez toys are recommended for little ones over 3 years.