Li'l Woodzeez Family - Rabbit

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Meet Li'l Woodzeez Hoppingood Rabbit Family! There is Elliot, Amelia and their kids Star and Theo. They are white bunnies with big ears! They come with colorful clothes and a fun storybook to learn about working together. These cool rabbit figurines have heads, arms and legs that rotate. Follow them in their adventures in their book "Hoppin' Healthy Harvesters". Nobody ever goes hungry thanks to the Hoppingood Rabbits! They pick fruits and vegetables for their woodland friends to cook healthy meals! They are on a special picking blueberries mission for the village bakers, the Bushytail Squirrels, so that they can do their famous pies. However, the bunny kids Star and Theo love food! They ate so many blueberries from the fields; there will not be enough fruits to make pies! Thankfully, with their friends' help, they might complete their mission on time! Join the Rabbit Family in their Hoppin' Farmers Market! This playset has 90+ accessories, including a shopping cart, a food scale and plenty of realistic play food!

Playsets and other collectible critter figurines are available at Target and sold separately. The Li'l Woodzeez toys are recommended for little ones over 3 years.