Li'l Woodzeez Family - Raccoons

Vendor: Li'l Woodzeez


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Meet Rose, Rocco, Debbie and Stripe: the Diggadilly Raccoon Family! Like all their friends from Honeysuckle Hollow, they have a cool job in the community. They are also known as the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Crew, and are full of ideas on how to turn trash into treasure. These felt animals have soft gray fur and black stripes across their faces, just like real raccoons! They also have adjustable heads, arms and legs, so you can help them mend their torn clothes and recycle their old items. The family of mini figurines comes with the book “The Recycling Crew’s Big Idea” so you can hear more about how these cute characters turn broken items into fabulous creations for the community.

Playsets sold separately and available at Target. The Li’l Woodzeez toys are recommended for little ones over 3 years.