Li'l Woodzeez Family - Squirrel

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Meet the Bushytail Squirrels! They love to bake yummy pies in their Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds Bakery! This toy family set includes 4 miniature animals: there is Oliver, the father, Maggie, the mother, and their children Henry and Honeybun. They are cute squirrels with a tail, a felt-like fur that is really soft to touch, and heads, arms and legs that rotate. They also wear pink and green clothes that they can swap with their mini animal friends! Mom Maggie even has a cute pink chief hat! The Squirrel family set also includes the storybook "Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds Bakers". Read it and follow the Bushytails as they bake apple pies and plan a very special surprise for little Honeybun's birthday! Grab your apron and play with the Bushytail Squirrels in the Tickle You Taste Buds Bakery playset! This fun play bakery has more than 80 accessories, including delicious looking pies, donuts, croissants, a mixing bowl and oven mitts! The bakery and all its utensils are compatible with your little woodland creature figurines.

Playsets and other collectible critter figurines are available at Target and sold separately. The Li'l Woodzeez toys are recommended for little ones over 3 years.