Li'l Woodzeez Monkey Family Set

Vendor: Li'l Woodzeez


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Meet the Li’l Woodzeez O’Funnigan Monkey family! The O’Funnigan Family set includes 4 cute toy animal figurines. There’s Dad Milo, Mom Myra, and their two children Lila and Lolo. The little monkeys have soft skin and movable arms, legs, and heads. The O’Funnigans are popular event planners around Honeysuckle Hollow. Saturday is a busy day in the market, and the monkeys have organized a fun scavenger hunt for kids while the parents do their shopping. At first, all seems to be going well. It looks like all the players in the scavenger hunt will get a treat! But then, Lila and Lolo begin to worry. Maybe one of the clues they thought up is just too difficult to solve! Check out the O’Funnigan’s storybook “The Hunt is on at Honeysuckle Market Square” and find out how the story ends. Li’l Woodzeez animal sets are recommended for little ones over 3 years.