Lil Woodzeez Themed Playset - Gardening

Vendor: Li'l Woodzeez


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Do you have a green thumb? Well, the Li'l Woodzeez Gardening Playset is the perfect addition to your collectible figurine community! Here you will find everything your miniature toy sheep - included with this playset - needs to grow a toy vegetable garden and explore healthy dinner options for the family and the community. There's a bed for the various vegetables, a basket, watering can, rake, shovels, hoe, scissors, and even a little toy bird house for your feathered friends to fly over to say hello! The tiny toy vegetables are labeled so you can easily identify and learn the names of plants. And, your animal toy figurine looks ready to get to work digging up the garden in his cute little overalls. Li'l Woodzeez playsets are ideal pretend play toys for little ones who dream about helping others and taking care of their environment. Li'l Woodzeez collectible animal toys and playsets are recommended for ages 3 years and up.