Puremco Double 6 Color Dot Dominoes - Tournament Size Game

Vendor: Puremco


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Puremco's Double 6 domino set is perfect for playing all the mainstream domino games you love! Play "Regular Dominoes" or "straight Dominoes" (5-count), 5-UP, Big 6, Rock Dominoes, Muggins, Solitaire, 42, 84 (requires 2 sets), Nel-O, Plunge, Sevens, Moon, Sniff, Block, Draw, Sebastopol, Racehorse, Seven-Toed Pete, Merry Go 'Round, Mexican Dominoes, Stretch, Matador, Blind Dominoes, Latin American Match, Cross, Maltese Cross, All Fives, All Threes, Threes and Fives, Bergen, and more! With official Tournament Size dominoes you get the largest, thickest, most durable dominoes available.