Soggy Doggy Board Game

Vendor: Spin Master Games


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Fun! Fun! Fun! Get ready to bring on the whole gang for a night of great fun because Soggy Doggy game time here! The showering, shaking, wet doggy board game! In this awesome game, players take turns to move around the board and wash the dog. But there's a twist because this friendly pet loves to shake himself dry. If the soggy dog shakes over you, get ready to clean yourself and go straight to the starting point. The first one to go around the board wins. This anticipation-filled play of splishing and splashing fun is perfect for the entire family! Made from durable card board and plastic material, this awesome game is perfect for players aged 4 years and above. The usual play time is between 20-40 minutes and the game comes included with game cardboard, game pieces, dice, tokens and instructions. 2-4 players can play the Soggy Doggy Board Game at a given time and it requires 3 AA Alkaline batteries to function.