Tsum Tsum Mini Figures Series 4 Style 1 Toy

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Collect, stack and display your favorite Marvel Tsum Tsum characters! Each themed 9-Pack includes 3 large, 1 of which is a mystery, 2 medium, 3 smalls, 1 accessory, and 1 collector’s guide. You may even find an Ultra Super Lucky Silver Blast or Light-Up figure hiding in your pack! Find your favorite Marvel Tsum Tsum Spider-Man figures in the Webslingers pack and use the Civil War pack to reenact stories of the Avengers! Track your collection with the included Series 4 collector’s guide and find all of the “common, lucky, super lucky, and ultra super lucky” Marvel Tsum Tsum characters to complete your unique assortment! There are 2 different sets to collect. Collect’em! Stack’em! Ages 6+