Zuru Original Fidget Cube by Antsy Labs

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From the designers of the original ZURU Fidget Cube. Antsy Labs brings to you the ZURU Fidget Cube. Specially designed using high quality materials for premium durability.
It's been a long road to fidgeting freedom, and after going through a lot of various prototypes, Antsy Labs has designed & developed a fidget cube that's fit for and can be used during various types of situations, settings & scenarios.

Creating something awesome & unique was just half the hurdle, to truly satisfy all your fidgeting needs the fidget cubes functionality needed to come packed with a plethora of fidgety options while at the same time staying compact, ergonomic and looking great; in a professional or classroom setting.

Think of the fidget cube as your personal, handy & super friendly desk toy. It consists of 6 sides, from buttons that click audibly on one side to silenced buttons ( for that sneaky fidgeting in classrooms & boardrooms). It's even gamer friendly with a joystick on one side that slides smoothly, a flip switch that rocks to and fro, a breathe side, tactile gears that roll along with a clickable ball and socket for audible or quiet fidgeting and finally a rotating dial that spins.

The fidget cube has been designed to fit into your everyday life offering so many different application. Studies have proven that fidgeting can actually help you focus and have positive real-life applications. Enjoy this year's top trending toy and fidget that stress or anxiety away. Go ahead, get fidgeting.

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